Vitop | Your partner for Bag-in-Box and other packaging innovations

The Vitop tap is used for a wide range of Bag-in-Box® liquid applications

The Vitop tap has also been adopted for a very wide range of other liquids, including vinegar, cocktails, sangria, high-proof alcohols, coconut milk, coffee and concentrates.

Customers should always test our products before use.


The standard red and black version is generally used for the wine market.


A blue and white version of the Vitop tap is often used for water or for milk.

Fruit juice

An orange and black version (with an optional extra aluminum foil seal placed over the pouring spout) is frequently used for fruit juices.

Olive oil

For olive oil and other edible oils, often a special green and black “Direct Flow” version is used with special fins inside the pouring hole to better direct the flow of the oil.