The Vitop gland is an essential component of the Bag-in-Box® package

The gland (sometimes called a “spout” or “flange”) is sometimes relegated to a secondary role with the tap often considered to be the star player in the overall Bag-in-Box® (BIB) package. In fact, the gland is an essential component that has extremely tight manufacturing and use requirements.

The base of the polyethylene (PE) gland is welded to the PE layers of the film used to make the bag. The tap then must be inserted with great precision into a tightly fitting gland. If the diameter of the gland (relative to the barrel of the tap) is too small, the tap cannot be inserted and if it is too large, the tap will move inside the gland and oxygen permeation (through the tap/gland interface) will be increased.

The inside of the Vitop gland has a standard round shape and very smooth surface, but also incorporates an inner groove into which the barrel of the tap is set prior to filling. This assures the proper height of the tap when run through a bag-filling machine.

The standard Vitop gland is designed to fit almost all applications but for extreme conditions (very high heat or aggressive liquids), it is best to consult us.

For customers using aseptic filling machines with high heat applied to the tap/gland unit for a short period of time (for sterilization purposes), it is best to use a special version of our gland designed for this application.