Elegant, practical, secure and tight: the perfect Bag-in-Box® (BIB) tap

The Vitop tap combines elegance and practicality, adding value to the Bag-in-Box® (BIB) package through its unique design.

A frontal tamper-proof tear strip blocks the tap in a closed position until removed by the end-user, ensuring product integrity.

Once opened, our tap is particularly easy to use. A small amount of pressure is sufficient to obtain a regular flow rate.

The Vitop tap has been designed to greatly reduce oxygen permeation and to insure a tight seal. Each tap must pass a tightness test of 0.4 bars of pressure. The tap offers a very high level of tightness, even if:
  • a tartar deposit slips between the membrane and the body of the Vitop.
  • there is a substantial increase in temperature.
  • it is opened and closed a thousand times.

For liquid distribution systems in bars and restaurants, Vitop offers several connector options.

Such unequalled performance is the result of the deliberate application of the right materials and quality control by the very best people available to our industry.