The new Vitop handle insertion machine offers large productivity gains

The new Vitop handle insertion machine offers unprecedented production rates and ease of use: it is fed by a roll of 3,392 handles which ensures 2 to 4 hours of autonomy depending on the speed of the packing line. The roll is quickly changed without having to stop the machine. It is flexible and adapted to many different box formats (1.5L and 5L, with the possibility of free passage for larger formats) and also allows to easily set the handle position on the box from 30° to 45° in both axes.

The frame of the machine, built entirely out of stainless steel and aluminium, ensures excellent resistance and remains easy to adjust by the operator. It is also equipped with a security system that stops the cycle and the air compressor in the event the machine is opened or in case of an emergency stop, ensuring the safety of the operator.