Special fittings allow for our connector to
be used with many liquid distribution systems

Our connectors are linked to pump or gravity flow liquid distribution systems (used in pubs and restaurants) via a plastic tube (or “hose”), often made of silicon, which must be placed over a multiple barb link fitting at the end of the connector.

Most users of our connectors simply place the plastic hose over the barbed end fitment of a connector that comes fully mounted with whatever type of end fitment is preferred. In almost all cases, Vitop supplies its Standard Connector with a straight end fitment (see “ST” version below) but we can also supply “L” or “T” versions (shown below).

Our barbed end fitments are designed to fit 10 mm diameter tubes. We can also supply, upon request, versions of our connector with a straight end fitment adapted to 13 mm tubes.

Only the Standard (ST) connector with a straight end fitting can be ordered via the Shop page of our website. For special end fittings, please contact us for prices and availability.